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Sweet Treats #1

19 Aug

One of my biggest weaknesses is sugar!! Sugar can destroy a diet because of its capability to store as fat in the body.  But i love sugary foods such as cookies, ice cream, and candy. That is where alternates come in. At your local grocery store you can find healthier alternatives to almost anything; but beware, many of those products are actually worse than the original.  So in this series throughout this journey I will be searching for some of the greatest healthier alternatives to some of my favorite things.

This first snack is the Kashi Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Soft-Baked Cookies:

These cookies are absolutely amazing. The ingredient list is amazing. They are just so good. First of all, they are chocolate; enough said! I love chocolate so finding a cookie that is chocolate that tastes and is good for you was pretty awesome.  At just 130 calories per cookie they are just the perfect sweet treat for when those cravings start kicking.

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