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Day#1: Gallon Club, Paleo Life, & Cravings.

28 Jan

Hey everyone!

Today, being the first day back on healthy regimen, I knew that my body might be in a little shock. That was definitely true. It’s not that I was hungry, I just have to get used to not having sugar filled lattes every morning, and then following that down with energy drinks for lunch. That may be on eof my few challenges.

I got called into work today, even though its supposed to be my day off. So I quickly tried to get things together for an easy, painless day #1 of paleo.

A.M. meal: Shakeology with almond milk, starwberries, and a hardboiled egg.
“Midmorning” snack: an apple & Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter

insatgram: thatgirlhanan

Lunch: edamame & chicken breast!
Afternoon: salad with olive oil and vinegar.
Dinner: A hardboiled egg, and 3 turkey breakfast links.
Treat: Peanut Honey Pretzel Luna Bar.
{calories: 1465; fat:53; carbs: 103; protein: 110}

So that was my day #1! I know that the Luna bar is not paleo but I was craving sweets and it was that or cookies haha. I think i did pretty well today, drank a gallon of water and had some tea; I had a little bit of a headache but not bad. And now I’m watching Fringe and heading to bed!

Goodnight! xoxo, H

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