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Days in the Journey #1 & 2: Lifting makes the world go round.

20 May

Oh Hey Guys and Gals!

So today officially marks day 3 and day 1 and day 2 have been great. Of what, you ask. Well, of hitting the gym twice a day and hitting the weights hard! I realize this may sound weird but of all the times I’ve tried a workout program, my favorite has always been one where I can hit the weights. I love it! I love the feeling of strength that lifting gives you. Yes, I know its only been three days but I think I may have my niche. I am following a beginners program that I am tweaking (just a little) to make it effective for my body. It is a really simple program that uses simple moves that you can build up to be more advanced as you go. (I can post the workouts if you would like, just let me know.)

Day#1: Legs Day 5/17/13

15 minutes on the stairmaster to warmup
5 minute cooldown on the stairmaster

1 hr of cardio on the Elliptical Adaptive Motion Trainer (which i think is a new machine)

meal#1: postworkout protein shake and a huge coffee
meal#2: cherries & a string cheese
meal#3: asain chicken salad & can of tuna
meal#4: pre-cardio steel cut oats made with milk; i added cocoa powder and stevia for flavor
meal#5: shrimp & green beans cooked in coconut oil & a baked sweet potato

Day #2: Shoulders Day 5/18/13

jumprope/box jumps to warm up and inbetween sets

cardio: treadmill, stairs, & elliptical

instagram: thatgirlhanan

instagram: thatgirlhanan


meal#1: banana(preworkout) & protein shake(postworkout)
meal#2: 2 hardboiled eggs & a greek yogurt
meal#3: 1/2 a pita bread with 4oz. of breast chicken and hummus
meal#4: pre-cardio oats
meal#5: baked sweet potato with hummus and two laughing cow wedges

These first two days were remarkably easy because I have been planning my meals and workouts ahead of time. Planning is key; failure to plan is planning to fail.

I hope everyone has a great week, kick ass and take names.

xo, Hanan.

Day#1: Gallon Club, Paleo Life, & Cravings.

28 Jan

Hey everyone!

Today, being the first day back on healthy regimen, I knew that my body might be in a little shock. That was definitely true. It’s not that I was hungry, I just have to get used to not having sugar filled lattes every morning, and then following that down with energy drinks for lunch. That may be on eof my few challenges.

I got called into work today, even though its supposed to be my day off. So I quickly tried to get things together for an easy, painless day #1 of paleo.

A.M. meal: Shakeology with almond milk, starwberries, and a hardboiled egg.
“Midmorning” snack: an apple & Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter

insatgram: thatgirlhanan

Lunch: edamame & chicken breast!
Afternoon: salad with olive oil and vinegar.
Dinner: A hardboiled egg, and 3 turkey breakfast links.
Treat: Peanut Honey Pretzel Luna Bar.
{calories: 1465; fat:53; carbs: 103; protein: 110}

So that was my day #1! I know that the Luna bar is not paleo but I was craving sweets and it was that or cookies haha. I think i did pretty well today, drank a gallon of water and had some tea; I had a little bit of a headache but not bad. And now I’m watching Fringe and heading to bed!

Goodnight! xoxo, H

A Day in the Journey 09/18/12

18 Sep

I woke up this morning in no mood for breakfast, but I am trying to force myself to eat in the morning, so I just had some Greek yogurt with granola, agave nectar, and a banana. The morning is always hardest for me at work because we are so understaffed and we are all being pulled in a million different directions. If we can all get through PE in one piece, that is always the first major success/victory. For those of you who don’t know I work as an instructional assistant in a high school Special Ed class.

teaching: my passion

The rest of the day usually goes on peachy from then on. I got to try to teach one of my students to subtract using marbles. Anyways, I was teaching him to subtract and it gave me it most gratifying feeling the world as he smiled at me when I told him “good job”! It truly is the most satisfying feeling. I call that the second victory of the day! Then I had a little bit of quinoa salad on my much needed break, and then went back to work to brave the lunch dramas. But we made it through that too, so three successes for the day haha! (If you knew what we deal with all day, you would call that a pretty damn good day!!) Now I sit at the coffee shop, working and drinking a chocolate Zico latte (2 shots of espresso on ice with a chocolate Zico) and eating a toasted oatmeal bar. Not really doing anything eventful for the rest of the day, but I might a get a Chipotle bowl for dinner (how I like my chipotle: steak and chicken, corn, salsa, guacamole, and lettuce; no cheese, rice, sour cream). So that’s the end of my day even though it’s only 3:15 pm as I write this. I hope you all are having a great start to the week! Enjoy your night and let me know how your day went. I’d love to hear about it!

xoxo, H

p.s. This is a new way of my “A Day in the Journey” posts; this way I can tell you a little bit more about my day. I’ll also try to post more pictures of my food, and other parts of my day. Let me know which you like better.

A Day in the Journey 09/11/12

12 Sep


No workout 😦


  • 1 cup of pineapple chunks
  • Healthy Choice Sweet pineapple chicken
  • Plantain chips
  • More plantain chips with hummus
  • Whole Foods Salad bar: lettuce, quinoa, Brussels sprouts, balsamic dressing, pineapple spear
  • Dark chocolate 100 calorie bar
  • 1 egg, 1 egg white, breast chicken, ¼ avocado


Calories: 1271 Fat: 49 Carbs: 185 Protein: 40

I’m exhausted! Seriously so tired, so good night all!

xoxo, H

A Day in the Journey 09/10/12

11 Sep


No workout (lame excuse: just getting back to work and trying to figure out my routine; I know, lame!)


  • Coffee, w/ creamer
  • Readypak- veggies, hummus, sunflower seeds
  • ½ cup pineapple chunks
  • 2 slices turkey, Babybel light cheese
  • Unsweetened Green tea
  • Zico chocolate coconut milk
  • Less than a ¼ chipotle bowl (the rest was lost in a tragic accident)
  • One Bar-apple
  • Toasted Oatmeal Bar

Calories: 1010 Fat: 39 Carbs: 141 Protein:30

Forgot to plan today so I ended up having to buy snacks for lunch at work, I also ended up buying Chipotle for dinner. But about ¾ of it fell all over the ground at the coffee shop that I was doing work at. It was a sad moment, and then I had to clean it all up, and there is still corn all over the ground haha. So I just grabbed something from the coffee shop and that sort of made up for it. Not really, but I wasn’t going to spend another ten dollars on another bowl. So that was my day, work was good, and now I’m off to bed to do it all over again.

xoxo, H

A Day in the Journey 08/24/12

25 Aug



Evening: C25K running workout



Breakfast: Peach; Babybel light cheese; coffee

Snack: Kashi oatmeal cookie

Lunch: Homemade burger patty w/ cheese and 1 egg; quinoa salad

Snack: homemade banana protein ice cream with almond butter

Post-workout/Dinner: gluten free cracklebreds; roast beef slices; hummus; mini veggie tray


It’s late tonight because I just got home from work. I did my first day of Couch 2 5k running program, and I really like it so far. And I ate pretty well granted today was supposed to be a cheat day; that didn’t happen, which I am taking as a good thing. Nothing exciting happened but I’m not really craving anything anymore which is also good!

xoxo, H.




A Day in the Journey 08/23/12

24 Aug



A.M.: Sprints; 50 pushups, 50 squats



Pre-workout: Good n’ Natural peanut butter bar

Post-workout/Breakfast: Omelette w/ spinach, tomatoes, cheese, and salsa; two slices of turkey bacon

Snack: watermelon; pineapple; Babybel light cheese

Lunch: Quinoa salad; flaxseed cracker; Kashi oatmeal cookie

Snack: Bolthouse 50/50 juice; Special K cheddar cheese cracker crisps

Dinner: Tuna lettuce wraps

Treat: Chocolate covered espresso beans


I struggled with food today; I just craved chocolate and cheese all day!! Ughhh. But I tried my best to keep on track and that is why I am posting this so I can still be accountable. So now I’m going to sleep with a throbbing headache and a crazy craving for chocolate, good night!(: xoxo,H.

A Day in the Journey 08/22/12

23 Aug


A.M.: 2.7 mile walk/an hour



Pre-workout: Uber Larabar

Post-workout/Breakfast: Omelette w/ spinach, tomatoes, cheese, and salsa







Lunch: Salad w/ lettuce, spinach, olives, pickles, and cheese; homemade veggie burgers

Car ride snack: apple

Early Dinner: Whole Foods: chicken, cabbage salad, red quinoa, pineapple; lemonade


Evening Snack: Rest of my Larabar

Today was a hard day (see previous post). But I still ate well and even got in an exercise this morning. Because I’m so sore I am not exercising tonight and I am getting an early night!! So goodnight all!!! xoxo,H.



A Day in the Journey 08/21/12

22 Aug


A.M.: Insanity Abs DVD; mini bike ride cool down

Midday: Impromptu mile and half walk to find fro-yo Starbucks

Evening: 50 push-ups, 100 squats, and 2 thirty second planks


Post-workout/breakfast: Vanilla Protein Smoothie in a bowl; apple; Babybel Light cheese

A.M. Snack: homemade cinnamon kettle corn; hummus and celery

Lunch: Quinoa salad; iced black coffee w/ soy milk

Early Afternoon Snack: half a peach

Late Afternoon Snack: iced green tea

Dinner: Quinoa Salad

Evening Studying Snack: 18 Rabbits Bar & a Zico Chocolate coconut water

I woke up this morning feeling so sore and quite tired, so i stayed home and did an Insanity Cardio Abs workout and chased that down with a light bike ride as a cool down. We had planned a beach day for today so I ate breakfast early. For some reason i feel that at the beach you burn more calories even though you just lay there. That is probably not true, so we walked up and down beach to get a little something in, nothing crazy. Then me and my little sister got bored so we decided to go on a search for fro-yo. After walking almost a mile up a hill (we REALLY wanted fro-yo), we couldn’t find the fro- yo place. we walked up and down the street looking and then just decided to go with Starbucks and i got a coffee. Its probably better that way. The calorie gods were on my side today! We hiked the trek back to the beach and enjoyed my coffee and ate lunch and did nothing until we left. After rushing home i had to get ready quick for school and this is where I am blogging from; I am a horrible student, I know.  When I get home I will do 50 push-ups, 100 squats, and 2 thirty second planks.

I want this to be a place where I can be accountable. And you all can join in. Post what you did today and we accountable for each other. xoxo, H.

A Day in the Journey 08/20/12

21 Aug


Early morning run/jog/walk- 45 mins

Evening Interval training w/ my little sister, Iman


Pre-workout: half a Soyjoy bar.

Post workout: Super Scrumptious Vanilla Protein Shake

Breakfast: A quarter of a whole wheat bagel (scooped out) with a crap load of veggies; homemade green tea lemonade

Lunch: Lettuce wraps with turkey and hummus; celery; Kashi oatmeal dark chocolate cookie

P.M. Snack: Mini Babybel light cheese; carrots with hummus; green tea

Dinner: Chipotle Bowl; black beans, chicken, corn, salsa, lettuce, guacamole.

Post Workout: Second half of my Soyjoy bar

Today was a great day! I feel absolutely proud of myself for finishing both my workouts and eating correctly all day! As I write I seriously cannot raise my arms and my legs feel like jello but now it’s time to sleep it off and wake up tomorrow and do an ab & arm workout in the morning. This just made me realize how much I want to be in shape and how hard I am willing to work for it. So, until tomorrow. xoxo, H.

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