No More Excuses!

14 Jul

Happy Sunday Y’all!

Just wanted to share a little motivation with everyone this morning.


Stop making excuses, and just do it!


Remember that no matter how hard it gets you are worth it. Trust the process and it will work!

Hope everyone has an amazing day!

xo, h.

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Days in the Journey #1 & 2: Lifting makes the world go round.

20 May

Oh Hey Guys and Gals!

So today officially marks day 3 and day 1 and day 2 have been great. Of what, you ask. Well, of hitting the gym twice a day and hitting the weights hard! I realize this may sound weird but of all the times I’ve tried a workout program, my favorite has always been one where I can hit the weights. I love it! I love the feeling of strength that lifting gives you. Yes, I know its only been three days but I think I may have my niche. I am following a beginners program that I am tweaking (just a little) to make it effective for my body. It is a really simple program that uses simple moves that you can build up to be more advanced as you go. (I can post the workouts if you would like, just let me know.)

Day#1: Legs Day 5/17/13

15 minutes on the stairmaster to warmup
5 minute cooldown on the stairmaster

1 hr of cardio on the Elliptical Adaptive Motion Trainer (which i think is a new machine)

meal#1: postworkout protein shake and a huge coffee
meal#2: cherries & a string cheese
meal#3: asain chicken salad & can of tuna
meal#4: pre-cardio steel cut oats made with milk; i added cocoa powder and stevia for flavor
meal#5: shrimp & green beans cooked in coconut oil & a baked sweet potato

Day #2: Shoulders Day 5/18/13

jumprope/box jumps to warm up and inbetween sets

cardio: treadmill, stairs, & elliptical

instagram: thatgirlhanan

instagram: thatgirlhanan


meal#1: banana(preworkout) & protein shake(postworkout)
meal#2: 2 hardboiled eggs & a greek yogurt
meal#3: 1/2 a pita bread with 4oz. of breast chicken and hummus
meal#4: pre-cardio oats
meal#5: baked sweet potato with hummus and two laughing cow wedges

These first two days were remarkably easy because I have been planning my meals and workouts ahead of time. Planning is key; failure to plan is planning to fail.

I hope everyone has a great week, kick ass and take names.

xo, Hanan.

Take #4534982

28 Apr

Hey friends!

So where have I been!? Im not even sure, sometimes life just takes over and I end up wishing I had kept up with blogging and sharing my journey. But I’m back now!!

New things in my life:

-Still trying to figure out my eating/workout style.

-Still trying to lose weight.

-Still trying to find happy.

Ok, so not much has changed. I still work at the same two places that I’ve always worked at, and I still love it. I still yoyo diet like I’m starting a new trend. But here we go again, I’m going to be making a new “blogging” schedule so I can keep this blog more updated. I might even start making little videos to post on here!? Who knows!?

xoxo, Hanan.

Day#1: Gallon Club, Paleo Life, & Cravings.

28 Jan

Hey everyone!

Today, being the first day back on healthy regimen, I knew that my body might be in a little shock. That was definitely true. It’s not that I was hungry, I just have to get used to not having sugar filled lattes every morning, and then following that down with energy drinks for lunch. That may be on eof my few challenges.

I got called into work today, even though its supposed to be my day off. So I quickly tried to get things together for an easy, painless day #1 of paleo.

A.M. meal: Shakeology with almond milk, starwberries, and a hardboiled egg.
“Midmorning” snack: an apple & Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter

insatgram: thatgirlhanan

Lunch: edamame & chicken breast!
Afternoon: salad with olive oil and vinegar.
Dinner: A hardboiled egg, and 3 turkey breakfast links.
Treat: Peanut Honey Pretzel Luna Bar.
{calories: 1465; fat:53; carbs: 103; protein: 110}

So that was my day #1! I know that the Luna bar is not paleo but I was craving sweets and it was that or cookies haha. I think i did pretty well today, drank a gallon of water and had some tea; I had a little bit of a headache but not bad. And now I’m watching Fringe and heading to bed!

Goodnight! xoxo, H

I’m back!! && changes!

27 Jan

Hey everyone!

If anyone is still here I would like to say thankyou for sticking around. I have had quite a bit going on but I am really excited to get back into the blogging world.

So a few things first; I am still doing Insanity, I got off track for a moment, but I will be starting month #2 tomorrow! I am also adapting a 80/20 paleo lifestyle, which means I will mostly be eating paleo except I will be drinking my shakeology, and eating oats and plain greek yogurt in my diet.

So now that you know all this random stuff about my random changes, we can proceed to the good stuff. I will be posting more recipes and info as I go on this change to the paleo lifestyle.

Let me know if y’all have any questions about any of this.

I’m so excited to be back and be able to help ina ny way that I can.

xoxo, H

An INSANE Journey!

18 Nov

Hey everyone,

I know, I know! Where have I been!?

Honestly, no where in paticular. I have been trying to figure out my next move in life and how I was going to do this whole thing.

Well I think i figured it out! I have been in contact with the Shrednation team of Beachbody and recently joined and beacame a coach!! I am starting the insanity program TODAY and have ordered shakeology and is on its way.

What is insanity? What is Shakeology? What is beachbody? I’ll get to all that in a future post!

For now all you need to know is that I will be doing Insanity, which is a 60 day workout program designed to help people lose weight, get in shape, or lean out.

The fit test I took today determined that I am not in good shape at all, so I cant wait to see how my body changes throughout this program. I will be documenting this on the blog for everyone and cannot wait to share my experiences.

Two months seems like so long but that just means there is so much I can do and accomplish.

So here goes nothing!

xoxo, Hanan.

Just a little weekend pick me up..

6 Oct

Hey all, the past couple days have been a little tough; but I’m picking it up for the weekend and am ready to rev it up for next week. Get back to the plan and work to acheive your goals. “Fall down seven times, get up eight.”

Hope you all are having an amazing weekend. Stay beautiful, H.

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